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Meaning behind Bold and Brave

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

As the mother of five children, you learn to adapt and adjust to life’s circumstances. You develop grit and resilience when challenges occur. But when a mysterious tumor was discovered in my brain; my ability to adapt was frozen. Family and friends created a safety net and did everything to be there with me. As a former San Francisco 49er Cheerleader (1987-1990), a lifelong sisterhood of fellow cheerleaders were the catalyst for Liao Company.

Former NFL professional cheerleaders, who once stood on the sidelines with me at the Super Bowl, stood by me during numerous neurosurgeon appointments. It was at one of those doctor appointments where the vision of Liao Company was birthed. My fellow NFL cheerleader gifted a fragrance to me. I wore that fragrance when I walked into the hospital, was in the MRI machine, and when the neurosurgeon met with me. From this experience, Liao Company developed and designed our signature scent, BEACH DAY. The feeling of love through scent reminded me then, and continues to remind me that family and loved ones are with me; through the ‘beach days’ and through the ‘not so beachy days’.

It was as if the scent was a message of hope, love, and God’s presence during a very difficult time. We all have a story and we all need love and hope to propel us. Being Bold and Brave is an essential ingredient to moving through life’s challenges and never giving up.

Wearing Liao Company scents is more than feeling good, it is feeling less alone through life. BEACH DAY's purpose is to offer hope, inspire and empower one another.

Liao Company's ultimate goal is to connect humanity; and to make a difference in the lives of each person by sharing high quality scents which remind you that through life's hardest moments, we are with you.

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