• Jeannie Liao

Liao Company Roots

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

We are a family who cares about people and are driven to make a difference in the world. This is Jeannie Liao, mother of the one daughter and four son team. This is the why behind Liao Company.

When my parents passed away, one of my most vivid emotional connections with Mom and Dad was scent. After years of research and private, quiet conversations with friends who have lost a loved one; I learned one of their most powerful connections to their loved one was scent as well. After one of my dear friends lost a loved one she said, "I don't want his smell to leave me." I could relate; as the scent of my Mom and Dad was one of the strongest lasting memories of their presence.

Scent is powerful. Connection is lifelong. This is our purpose; to create scents that connect us to one another. Scents that remind us of loved ones, scents that are a reminder of our presence, and scents that remind us of love, family, and friendship.

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