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Liao Company

Our book "A Message in a Bottle" is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble 

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Liao Company offers content marketing and consulting for your business. 

We offer a variety of services for individuals to achieve professional and personal goals.

Expertise and quality content is what you can count on. 

What We Do...

We Write. We Create.

We Collaborate. We Achieve.

Working with GREAT people is what we do.

We customize to your needs...

Business - Blog posts, Company Legacy/History...and more. 

Individual - Resume'/Cover Letter, Career/Interview Coaching, Living Legacy/Family history...and more. 

What people are saying...

"This is a great opportunity for us

to create quality content for our business and will be a valuable marketing tool. "

"More wonderful content.

It really is giving the point of view we would like to express but don't have the skill to do it like

Liao Company."

For a customized plan and details, email us

We have collaborated and supported organizations ... and we look forward to including YOU on our client list of GREAT people.

"A business with heart will be fueled by people with heart."

~Liao Company


Currently all fragrances are available for bulk orders only. 

Contact us for further information.


Our Company

Established by 1 Sister and 4 Brothers

Liao Company is a Central California Company whose mission is to encourage others to Be Bold and Brave no matter the circumstances. We are a grass roots company who believes in supporting one another in our community and through life. Our goal is to offer fragrance products made of high quality ingredients. Our Blog shares our passion to create positive impact and explains why Liao Company is driven to INSPIRE bravery, EMPOWER boldness, and CONNECT humanity.

Our Product

High quality products you deserve

Liao Company Fragrances offers scents inspired by the beach, nature and family. Connections and memories we have with one another ties our hearts together no matter where we are in the world; and the scent of a loved one stays with us for a lifetime. Treat yourself to one and gift another as a way to feel close to a friend or someone you love. Liao Company products are a simple reminder for each of us to be good to ourselves, be good to each other and most of all... Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.

Our Mission

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.

Liao Company's mission is to make this world a better place by providing quality products which connect us to one another. The scent of a loved one is a lasting memory and propels us to be Bold and Brave in the most challenging circumstances. Great products, great messages, and inspiration is the center of Liao Company's values.

Our Hope

Let Liao Company Fragrances Inspire YOU!

We believe you will relate to what we stand for; we need more inspiration and faith in our hearts, we need more empowerment and encouragement with one another, and we need to connect and engage with people who spread positivity and strength. This is what we stand for and who Liao Company is at the core. We would be honored to have you engage with us...1) Shop our online store and order Beach Day or any fragrance for yourself, your loved ones and your team 2) Like us and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @liaocompany 3) Take a photo of Beach Day wherever you are in the world and tag us. We appreciate and value you as our Liao Company followers and supporters. We believe when you wear Beach Day you will love it; and you will be impressed with our high quality ingredients.

Our hope is that you feel inspired and empowered knowing that we are with you through life. We all want to be a part of something great and with Liao Company, you will be. Wear Beach Day not only because you deserve it; but  because in this big, complex world all we truly want is to matter... and to Liao Company and your loved ones...YOU DO!

Connect with us 

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